R20170104.1 Release Note - 4th January 2017

What's New?

  • Current time indicator on GANTT view.
  • Task Sorting on GANTT view.
  • Upfront calculation of start & finish dates prior to activity creation.  
  • Event task notifications for roles. 

Current Time Indicator On GANTT View

The GANTT chart now features a 'today' line which shows the current date and time for the activity workflows selected timezone. This will further assist users when ascertaining the current status of a particular workflow.

Task Sorting On GANTT View

Tasks in the GANTT Chart may now be sorted by Name, Start Date, End Date or Duration.

Upfront Calculation Of Activity Start & Finish Date


The Activity Creation screen will now show an upfront calculation of either the start or finish date based on the ‘calculate from’ option selected. In instances where activity is to be created from a finish date and the total duration of the activity means that the start date would have been scheduled to start in the past, the above message is displayed.

Event Task Notifications To Role Groups

The activity event manager now provides the ability to send bespoke notification emails to all users in a designated role group when a task is started, completed, cancelled or approved.


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