20170118.1 Release Note - 18th January 2017

What's New?

  • Share assets with multiple users concurrently
  • Update of the GANTT view to show track against current plan
  • Allow users to amend activity dates without writing updates the the current plan

Bug Fixes

  • Resolution of issue whereby users of the HTML5 Online Approval Tool were prevented from adding annotations in Google Chrome v.54 or greater. 
  • Fixed issue where child activity was not created after the workflow name of the parent activity was edited.
  • Fixed issue where new users were repeatedly asked to approve the SUNrise Terms & Conditions when logging in.
  • Implemented changes to the +New Activity tab, so that the first created child workflow was not duplicated when additional siblings are added retrospectively.
  • Enabled users to upload assets containing '%' in the filename. 
  • Speed and load performance of the homepage dashboard improved.
  • Fixed issue where user is unable to complete the upload asset task if they wish to only revise assets previously uploaded.
  • Made a number of changes to the decision logic to handle situations where decisions and fail conditions are used concurrently.

Share Asset with Multiple Users Concurrently

When sharing an asset externally, it is now possible to enter multiple email recipients concurrently. Each recipient will receive their own personal one time access code to download the asset.

A SUNrise user account is not required in order to receive a shared asset.  

GANTT Chart Changes


The GANTT Chart has been enhanced and now provides a clearer overall picture of activity progress. The revised GANTT interface now allows users to:

  • View the Current Plan, Projected and Actual dates concurrently. 
  • Adjust timings in draft without immediately rescheduling the activity.
  • Amend task duration either by 'drag and drop' or view a new pop-up modal.
  • Switch between Hours, Days or Weekly scale.
  • Save Changes selectively to the Current Plan. 





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