20170131.1 Release Note - 31st January 2017

What's New?

  • Selective Comparison Mode for the Online Approval Tool
  • Transfer Upcoming Tasks
  • Retrospective Group Activity Brief Edit 
  • Absence Management User Selection Filters

Bug Fixes

  • Amended the Key Metrics screen so that where a work item contains multiple assignments, only users who have not completed the task are shown as overdue. 
  • Fixed issue preventing an Online Approval Session from being created when selecting the 'View' button in the Approval History tab.
  • Fixed issue where cross domain user is directed to the wrong domain after completing a task
  • Resolved issue with auto scheduling in the Gantt Chart.
  • Enabled the ability to see a current absence once it has started.
  • Resolved issue where absences start and stop times did not reflect the user's timezone.
  • Prevented a user from creating two overlapping absences.
  • Fixed issue which stopped an approval from being edited if one or more of the earlier steps had been completed.
  • Resolved User System Role assignment issue which was throwing an exception when editing certain user account details.
  • Restricted workflow event notifications so that an assignee will only be notified once, even if they are allocated multiple tasks in a workflow.
  • Amended Sunrise security to allow Activity Schedulers to add additional sibling workflows retrospectively.
  • Fixed display issue with pop-outs to stop conflict with modals that would prevent users from selecting buttons.
  • Amended secondary Shopping Basket menu to make options clearer.

Selective Comparison Mode for the Online Approval Tool

When a Revision 2 or higher approval takes place, the latest revision of the artwork will be loaded first in the Online Approval Tool. This swaps the previous behavior where the artwork from the previous approval round was initially presented.   

From the Summary menu, the user may now instigate a comparison session with any previous revision, not just it's immediate predecessor.

Simply select the version you wish to compare to and select the Compare button. 

Transfer Upcoming Tasks

The Transfer Task option has been updated so that in addition to tasks which have already started, upcoming tasks can also be transferred as well. When selecting upcoming tasks, the user is able to choose a date range based on the Projected Finish Date of the task.

Retrospective Group Activity Brief Edit 

Once a Group Activity Brief has been completed, until it is sent on approval, it is now possible to retrospectively edit it. This addresses an outstanding issue where it was not possible to amend Artwork Instructions or Due Date after submission. 

Additionally, it is now possible to "Ungroup" siblings which were previously grouped together.

Absence Management User Selection Filters

A new organisational level feature has been added to allow administrators to decide if users of their site are able to assign work during an absence to any member of the organisation, or only to users with the same role.    



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