R20170303.1 Release Note - 3rd March 2017

What's New?

  • User authentication with 3rd party providers including OKTA. 
  • User session expiry warnings.
  • Site wide two factor authentication for electronic records and digital signatures (ERES).
  • Multiple contact selection from within custom forms
  • Update approval verdict screen with approval/rejection reason codes.
  • Allow assets to be selected for libraries from within Custom Forms.
  • Created the ability to enter and approve commercial quotations.
  • Created the ability to enter purchase order numbers upon approval of a commercial quotation.
  • Enabled the ability to send the Current Start and Current Finish dates for tasks via the WebAPI
  • Allow Contact Selectors to be filtered by a user's role(s).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where event emails were not generated when sending to multiple contacts.
  • Prevented the user task list for continually displaying 'Processing...' when a user has no assignments.
  • Enabled the Asset Upload work item to be marked as optional, when used across workflow branches.
  • Resolved problem where workflow assignments are not updated following modification via a Custom Form.
  • Fixed issue preventing cross-domain users from being able to use the Activity Snapshot view.
  • Amended the display of categories of briefs so that the top node is not displayed.
  • Resolved issue where categories GUIDs were shown instead of display text on the Field Tab within the activity summary page.
  • Fixed issue when selecting libraries from the asset picker.
  • Fixed issue causing the WebAPI to timeout when communicating with Sigma
  • Fixed issue preventing users from completing briefs.
  • Fixed issue with thread scheduling issue which is resulting in a large number of exceptions being thrown.
  • Resolved known problem whereby updated values were not written to the audit log post task completion.
3rd Party User Authentication
Sunrise users may now be authenticated using OKTA (www.okta.com) an SSO provider allowing active directory authentication. OKTA authenticated users are configured at an organisation level.
Session Timeout Warnings
Users are now alerted after a period of inactivity that their session will be terminated. A countdown timer is displayed near to the user's profile information. When there are 5 minutes remaining before the timeout. Additionally, at the timeout limit the user is provided with a option to renew their session. If no action is taken the user is logged out of the system.
Two Factor Digital Signatures
To allow Sunrise to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, actions requiring a digital signature now need the user to supply both the email address and password for their current session. If either detail is incorrect, the user will not be allowed to complete the action.
Multiple Contact Selection & Role Filtering
The Contact Selector has been modified to allow one or more contacts to be selected. Additionally, it is now possible to restrict the contacts which can be selected by their assigned roles.
The overall display of contact selection within forms has been modified to better display the contacts selected and allow easy removal and replacement.
Approval Verdicts & Reasons
When providing an approval verdict, it is now possible for users to add one or more reason classifications. This replaces the existing functionality of allowing free text comments (although this option is also still available). Domain Administrators may set up different approval classifications for each verdict.
In addition the approval modal has been improved to make selection of verdict and entry of reason classifications a cleaner, easier experience.
Asset Selection via Custom Forms
It is now possible to select or reference an asset contained in an Asset Library via the Custom Forms. This makes the addition of Reference Files, such as Cutters and Design Files easier, without the need for a specific asset upload work item.
When adding an asset picker to a Custom Form, domain administrators can decide what Libraries, Approval Verdicts and File Formats will appear in the asset selection.
Commercial Quotes, Approvals and Purchase Order number entry
A new Commercial task has been created to facilitate the entry and approval of quotations. Optionally, when a commercial form is approved, the collection of a PO Number may also be enforced.
The Commercial Task and associated PO Number may subsequently be viewed via a new tab on the Activity Summary.
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