R20170403.1 Release Note - 3rd April 2017

What's New?

  • Decision Trees
  • Restricted Access To Sensitive Assets Associated With Activities

Bugs Fixes 

  • Resolved problem where sequence numbers were duplicated on the first and second instance of a multi-form. 
  • Fixed issue where a Commercial Form would not correctly save the PO Number value to the workflow. 
  • Improved the general load performance of Custom, Brief and Commercial Form types. 

Decision Trees

Activity decision logic has been extended to allow administrators to create multiple level decision trees. 


Administrators can create multiple decision questions, with each response having an unlimited number of dynamic responses. It is possible to vary the number of levels within the same question allowing complete flexibility.


When viewed in a Custom Form, the responsible assignee will be presented with a dynamically created category control. 

Decision Logic has been enhanced to allow more than one outcome to follow the same workflow route. This will remove the need to use Milestones/Auto Ticky Tasks in the workflow template designer, when the same route is required for multiple outcomes. 

Restricted Access To Sensitive Assets

Previously, all members of an organisation with the Workflow User, Scheduler, or Manager security rights were automatically granted access to any asset uploaded directly to the activity. 

To accommodate that on occasions assets can be sensitive in nature, we have introduced the ability to restrict access to access an assets details prevent download. 


When restrictions are applied in the workflow template access to the asset in the workflow is restricted to following users. 

  • Organisation Administrators
  • The Current Responsible Assignee of the associated asset upload work item.

All other users viewing the Activity Assets tab will see a thumbnail representation of the asset but will not be able to access the assets details.

It remains possible to allow the asset to be placed into a library in order to selectively grant other users full access and download privileges based on their role. 

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