R20170424.1 Release Note - 24th April 2017

What's New?

  • Improved Global Search UI
  • Request Approval Consultation
  • Asset Sharing History
  • Resolution Of Workflow Variables in API End Points
  • 24/5 Working Calendar
  • Activity Manager Rights For Accountable Assignees

Bug Fixes

  • Restored full field validation, which previously allowed some mandatory fields to be bypassed with null values. 
  • Altered the default task page filters, so tasks in a "Ready To Run" state are displayed automatically on page load. 
  • Resolved issues where successor task started before all predecessor tasks had been completed.
  • Added additional text under the comments field in an approval to make clear that this is not be used for requesting changes to the artwork.

Improved Global Search

The Global Search user interface has been overhauled. Results are now returned by type, Activities, Assets, Tasks and Contacts.


Additionally, a consolidated All tab is provided which shows the top 6 ranked results by relevance. For each result type, key information is now displayed including current tasks, revision numbers and asset types.

Request Approval Consultation


Responsible assignees while in the Online Approval Tool may request a consultation with any user(s) of their organisation or any linked organisation which shares their users publicly. 


Once selected, the consulted user will receive a task notification to provide consultation on the asset approval. The user may add annotations, attachments and threaded discussions to the artwork approval, but will not be requested to provide an approval verdict.

The approval step can continue while the consultation task is in progress. The responsible assignee may be notified by email when the consultation has been completed.   

Asset Share History

The Asset Share function has been upgraded to provide an audit history of when and who an asset is shared with. 


Additionally, it is now possible to track if the receiving party has successfully managed to download the shared file.

Resolution Of Workflow Variables in API End Points

When created an integration SOAP or REST action, it is now possible to dynamically input variable parameters for the workflow into into end point URL.

24/5 Working Calendar

To better service "follow the sun" clients, we've added a 24/5 workflow calendar to the workflow designer. Within the working week, Monday - Friday 00:00 - 23:59 is considered to be working hours when this calendar is selected.


Activity Manager Rights For Accountable Assignees

Users who are now named as accountable for the workflow may Pause, Resume and add additional child workflows when needed even if they are not an Activity Manager for the organisation in general.


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