LG7-65: Asset Library Security

Access to Asset Libraries is controlled at the User Role level. User Roles can be added to the Security section of the Asset Library and a permission level is granted. There are three levels available of which only one can be selected.

  Read-only (approved) Read-only (All) Contribute
Can View Assets with Not Reviewed Status   o
Can View Assets with Approved Status o o
Can View Assets with Not Approved Status   o
Can View Assets with Approval In Progress Status   o
Can Upload Assets directly to the Library    


A user belonging to a User Role with the Domain Admin security level can create Asset Libraries and also set the permissions for all libraries belonging to their Domain. 

  1. From the Navigation Bar, click the Admin button  to display the Admin menu, then expand Assets & Libraries and click Asset Libraries 

  1. Click the Library Name to open it in Edit mode or click the Edit link on the right of the created date



Add/Edit a User Role Security for the Library

  1. Select a User Role from the Add Role list
  2. Click the  button

Note: the Roles displayed will include Roles from your Domain and also any connected (paired) Domains

  1. The User Role is added and the default permission 'Read-only (approved)' is set
  2. Edit the permission level as required
  3. Add additional User Roles to the security section as required
  4. Click Save to save the security settings for the Library

Note: to remove a User Roles permission to access the library click the Remove  button
Note: Users with the Domain Admin security level have Contribute access to all Asset Libraries in their Domain regardless of permission settings for individual libraries.

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