R20170508.1 Release - 8th May 2017

What's New?

  • Activity search status faceting.
  • Asset search status flag and faceting.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the load speed performance of the activity summary page.
  • Fixed issue which prevented the decision tree control from being placed into a section on the form designer.
  • Fixed issue where date pickers would decrease by one day each time a form was edited after completion.
  • Resolved issue preventing values from being entered into select controls.
  • Fixed issue preventing the account lockout notification being sent to an end user when their password is entered incorrectly too many times.
  • Updated the text in the Adhoc Approval work item to correctly reflect the "Abort on Rejection" functionality.
  • Improved text wrapping on multi-line text controls.
  • Enabled feedback message if approval users requiring digital signatures enter the wrong password.
  • Improved the "Access Denied" page to provide the user with advice on where to seek help.
  • Fixed security issue which allowed an unauthorised user to download assets.
  • Updated the Assignments Tab to display the date the assignee finished the task, rather than the actual finish date of the task overall.

Activity Search Faceting

When using the Global Search, from the 'Activities' tab, it is now possible to filter returned results by the workflow status and priority. 


Asset Search Status Flag & Faceting

When searching for assets, their current status is now shown in the thumbnail view. Additionally, it is now possible to filter assets by their approval verdict.


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  • Avatar
    Joyce Brown

    Many thanks for the updates to the global search and asset status flag! This has increased the "value" for the system and allows us to immediately realize the efficiency of search. True time-saver!

  • Avatar
    Robert Quigley

    Glad you like it!

    We're going to continue to improve search over the next few development sprints. This will include the ability to search for products, visibility of key workflow fields in search results and eventually more faceting to make filtering easier!

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