LG1-70: Search Syntax

When searching Sunrise for content, entering a string of multiple words in the search box will return results with any or all of the terms entered, including any variations found. Much like searching the internet, the most relevant results will appear first in the list of results. The search results are likely to be broad, for example entering Rigid Bottle in the search will return results such as

  • Rigid Bottle
  • Bottle (not necessarily including rigid)
  • Glass Bottle
  • Glass Decorated Bottle

This of course is dependant on the content captured within your Sunrise Domain.

You can use any or a combination of the operators below to refine your search results. These operators can be used in the following search locations:

  • Global Search - this is the search box located at the top of every page
  • Search Activities - this page can be found by navigating to Activities --> Search Activities


Name Operator Example Output
AND + plastic+bottle Results containing both 'plastic' AND 'bottle'
OR | france|spain Results containing 'France' OR results containing 'Spain' - only one of these words need to be matched for the content to be returned in the results.
NOT - plastic-bottle Results containing occurences of 'plastic' but not containing 'bottle' 
Suffix * pack* Results containing words beginning with pack. For example 'packing', 'packaging' and 'pack'. This operator can be placed anywhere in the word (beginning, middle or end)
Phrase search operator " " "Front Label" While Front Label (without quotes) would search for content containing Front and/or Label anywhere in any order, "Front Label" (with quotes) will only match content that contains that whole phrase together and in that order.
Precedence Operator ( )



Label+(front back)

Results containing the term 'label' and either 'front' or 'back' (or both).



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