20170622.1 Release Note - 23rd June 2017

What's New?

  • Replan current plan dates without pausing the activity.
  • Display current plan dates on the task page.
  • Inherit activity name in forms.
  • Compare unrelated assets in the basket.
  • Edit a current absence.
  • Improved task transfer notifications

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues where when a multiple assets are uploaded concurrently, they are not passed to linked child activity.
  • Fixed issue where a workflow will not progress due to ordinal allocation resulting in a circular reference error.
  • Resolve issue with caused tasks to duplicate when looping back over a section of the workflow also containing a previous loop back.
  • Fixed display issue where an approvers would be shown against multiple steps following a transfer from another user. 
  • Patched security vulnerabilities identified with the dashboard widgets.
  • Disabled the 'Complete' button after selection on basic tasks work items, so that it can't be selected more than once - resulting in a 'bad request' message. 
  • Resolved issue where a broken thumbnail image would be shown for domains without a custom logo.
  • Resolved display issue, where the effective permissions of a user are not correctly displayed. 
  • Prevented unstyled content from being displayed in the left navbar.
  • Resolved issue preventing the "no image" thumbnail from being displayed in asset libraries.
  • Fixed issues preventing the activity summary from being displayed, when a NULL value appears in fields with multiple values.

Replan Without Pausing Activity & Current Plan Dates on Task Page

We've enabled a number of new planning functions into Sunrise to allow users to quickly view how an activity is progressing against its intended plan; and also to change the plan where needed. This functionality was previously restricted to the GANTT view only. 


While on the task tab in the activity summary page, in addition to showing the projected or actual dates, it is now possible to view the current plan dates for the workflow also. 

This allows you to quickly see if a task has been started or completed, at the time it was originally planned to do so. To change your current plan dates, it's now possible to edit the tasks duration directly using the 'edit task' button. This will cause an immediate projection of your critical path. Once you are happy with the changes they can be committed to your plan using the "Replan" button. 


Additionally, without pausing the activity it is now possible to amend the current plan with a new future finish date in mind. 

When re-planning activity, activity managers & schedulers may selectively choose to notify all assignees who still have outstanding tasks.   

Inherit Activity Name in Forms

It is now possible to map the activity/workflow name to Custom Form fields. This allows the workflow name to be displayed and passed down to linked activity without the user needing to enter it again. 

Compare Unrelated Assets in the Basket

It is now possible to compare ANY two assets of the same type irrespective of if they are contained in the same activity or asset library.

To compare two unrelated assets, first they must be added to the basket.


Once added to the basket, select any two files of the same type, and choose "Compare two assets" to view a comparison in the online approval tool.  

Edit a Current Absence


It is now possible to edit, or cancel an absence while it is in progress. We have also made a number of improvements to the user interface for the absence management page.

Improved Task Transfer Notifications

The task transfer email has been updated, to contain additional information to assist users with understanding the task and activity to which it relates. 

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