20170727.1 - Release Notes 2nd August 2017

What's New

  • Display workflow data in global search results
  • Updated event email and integration messages
  • Allow Sunrise workflow fields to be updated by 3rd Party application

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the global search index so that it is possible to search on category fields, e.g. Brand and Pack Format, by their display value.
  • Fixed security issue which allowed work schedulers to pause and cancel workflows where they were not the owner.
  • Enables the 'Complete' button for asset upload work items where 'optional' is selected and the user chooses not to upload an asset.
  • Resolved an issue with the output asset variable following approval which resulted in one or more of the following behaviors: 
    • Users asked to approve the same asset more than once.
    • Users unable to access the comparison mode.
    • Incorrect version of asset displayed in the Online Approval Tool.
    • Comparison assets not made available via the API.
    • Asset not visible in the Ad-hoc Approval work item following a loop back. 
  • Updated the organisation connection request email to make what is happening easier to understand.
  • Corrected spelling error in the review asset dialog box. 
  • Fixed issue where adding a blank note stopped the addition of any further notes until the page was refreshed.
  • Updated search indexing so asset approval statuses are immediately updated following an approval.
  • Fixed security issue preventing the 'owner' of a asset from being able to download it, when the restricted asset flag was enabled.
  • Updated the API so that category display values are sent via RESTful messages, rather then the GUID. Additionally, altered the format of multi-tiered categories to an array. 
  • Fixed issue in the My Tasks and My Activities screen which was preventing users sorting the columns headers.
  • Updated the login screen to better indicate that an email address can be used. Changed the 'Remember Me' checkbox to reflect the fact that this means keep Sunrise logged in if the browser is closed, not auto-complete my username and password. 
  • Fixed issue causing the tabular view to be available when there are no sibling workflows.

Display Workflow Data in Global Search Results

We have further improved the Global Search to show data captured during the life of the workflow directly in the search results. This reduces the need to add multiple parameters into the activity name.


From the workflow template designer, domain administrators are now able to select a new "Display in Search Results" attribute against any workflow field.


When selected, the workflow search results page will be populated with additional field values. The example above the 'Barcode' and 'SKU Name' fields are now being returned on the results page.

Update Event Type

It is now possible to trigger an event when a Form Input, Group Brief or Commercial Form is updated retrospectively following completion. 


When correctly configured, if a user retrospectively accesses a previously completed form and makes a change Sunrise will automatically trigger a Email, REST or SOAP message to a designated recipient(s).

Allow Fields to Be Updated By 3rd Party Application

It is now possible for Sunrise to accept field value updates via the API without the need to complete a form input work item. For details on our API configuration, please see swagger. 

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