20170825.1 - Release Note - 25th August 2017

What's New?

  • Product File search
  • Asset expiry
  • General visual interface improvements
  • Multiple improvements to integration services
  • Multiple performance improvements
  • User feedback tool

Bug Fixes

  • Allow users to change workflows to paused when in 'Ready to Run' status.
  • Patched security vulnerability which allowed for the insertion of HTML tags into the workflow name.
  • Fixed display issue which did not reflect the current task assignment after a transfer in the task edit screen. 
  • Prevented task comments from being copied in a loop back.
  • Resolved issues with adding and removing approval steps by correctly setting task linkages.
  • Enforced that decision controls must be completed to the bottom most level before a form input task can be completed. 
  • Allowed the ability to edit multi-forms, without cascading the values from all forms to all sibling workflows. 
  • Fixed issue preventing the transfer of tasks when the activity name contains an apostrophe. 
  • Resolved display issue which was preventing users from seeing the links between product files and their associated activity. 
  • Resolved issue where activity stages would remain running after all contained tasks had been completed.
  • Fixed URL in the organisation connection email notification.
  • Resolved issue with invalid users being shown in the contact picker in the event of a constrained role being renamed.
  • Resolved configuration issue with setting the asset picker to allow multiple files.
  • Resolved configuration issue which allow an information form to be selected on the workflow designer, for form, brief or commercial approval, when in fact this feature is restricted to asset approvals only. 
  • Fixed issue when looping back to a form which contains a decision.
  • Fixed error being thrown due to missing 'currentstart' property in search.document.fields
  • Resolved issue preventing category control data being inherited to all multi-forms
  • Resolved issue where 'Parent Activity' link in search results was always showing as 'None'.
  • Resolved numbering issue when adding additional steps to an approval. 

Product File Search 

The Sunrise global search now allows users to search for Products in addition to Activities, Assets, Tasks and Contacts.


Where the Product File feature is used, it is now possible for users to look up a product and view all associated activity and assets throughout it's entire life-cycle.  

Asset Expiry 

The Sunrise global search now allows users to search for Products in addition to Activities, Assets, Tasks and Contacts.


Users may directly set an expiry date from Sunrise at the point of asset upload, or any future time providing that the asset is not currently on approval. Additionally, asset expiry may also be set via integration. 


Once an asset is given an expired status, it is clearly watermarked. Expired assets can be selectively excluded in asset search results.

User Feedback

We hope that Sunrise meets your expectations, but we are always striving to be best in class. To make this possible, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve. Or if you'd just like to tell us that there is something you really like. 


We've now included a new feedback tool on the navbar so you can let us know your thoughts!

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