R20171114.1 - Release Note - 14th November 2017

What's new in this release?

  • Product Hub
  • Visual Bill Of Materials - Phase 1
  • SAP (MDG-M) updates
  • SAP (MDG-M) automatic asset expiry 
  • Pin asset libraries to homepage dashboard
  • View user's role in contact card
  • Approved with comments workflow events

User Experience Changes

  • Improved email formatting
  • Updated asset library layout
  • Clearer asset revision screen

 Bug Fixes

  • Allow users with one organisation to search for and view the contact cards of a second connected organisation.  
  • When editing the multi-form, or proceeding project form, only the correct values are cascaded to each child workflow, rather than all values as a comma separated list. 
  • Resolved timeout on the connections page, when host domain has 500+ connected organisations.
  • When a Form, Brief or Commercial work item is under approval, the fields should be correctly rendered as read-only. 
  • Resolved display issue in the linked activity work item where 'Select' is displayed rather than the current selected child workflow template. 
  • Fixed issued with the ad-hoc approval work item where if multiple assets have been uploaded, only the first one is selected as default.
  • Fixed issue which prevented approval work items from being edited when one or more consultations have been added. 
  • Enabled template validation to check that an asset has been selected in an approval work item. 
  • Fixed issue which prevented ad-hoc approval steps from being correctly created
  • Allow users to set an absence starting from today's date.
  • Resolved issue with category administration, which caused an error to be thrown when adding a new asset or approval classification.
  • Allow asset types to be automatically set when the asset is uploaded via the PublicAPI. 
  • Restrict the ability to send approvals from an asset library when feature flag is enabled. 
  • Fixed issue with global search which prevented users from searching for values contained in the activity workflow.
  • Resolved intermittent issue which caused an error to be thrown when accessing a small number of asset libraries.
  • Stopped blank comments from being inserted following a form, commercial or brief approval.
  • Resolved issue where certain field values were erroneously added to copied to all child workflows when using the multi-form.
  • Fixed issue with selection of multiple fields in the tabular view.
  • Resolve security issue preventing cross domain users from being added to an organisation's roles.
  • Resolve redirect issue from email, where form inputs task notifications incorrectly directed to the tabular rather than single form view. 
  • Resolved issue where assignments for running and pending tasks were removed when editing the workflow.

Product Hub 


The Product Hub is a brand new module allowing users to access and view Sunrise activity in the context of an overall sold product. Product records can be created in Sunrise, or generated through integration to a 3rd party ERP or PLM solution. 

Once created, product records can be directly linked to Sunrise activity workflows, providing the following benefits:

  • Sunrise activity can be automatically populated with information from the product, such as the Product Code or Barcode. Reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Assets added under the Sunrise activity are made available directly under the product. 
  • A complete history of activity and artwork development throughout a product's entire lifecycle is available from a single location.

From the Product Hub, users are able to search for products using their name, description, barcode or finished goods/product code. Using the handy views, it is also possible to quickly view products which have been created this month, or for the entire year. 

Visual Bill Of Materials - Phase 1


When a Product record is accessed from the new hub, the user is presented will a Bill Of Materials (BOM) view which shows interrelated sub-products, activities and associated assets. The current status of each asset and activity is clearly displayed. 

Over the next few releases this functionality will be further expanded to allow improved navigation, related approvals and activity management all within the context of a product. 

SAP (MDG-M) Updates & Automatic Asset Expiry

The Sunrise PublicAPI has been updated to allow SAP to automatically set asset expiry dates. When configured, SAP can now instruct Sunrise to mark previously created assets as 'expired' when the material is obsoleted in MDG. 

The Sunrise workflow can also be updated selectively from MDG-M after commencement of an activity, removing the need to cancel activity and recreate if data is retrospectively updated or corrected. 

Users with Activity Scheduler privileges or above, will be able to set an MDG-M update flag which will temporarily allow any masterdata changes to be updated in the Sunrise workflow. Once the update is complete, the flag is automatically removed to prevent unwanted changes to be actioned. 

Pin Asset Libraries to Dashboard


It is now possible to add an asset library to your homepage directly. Hover over the asset library and a new 'pin' option will be displayed. 


Once selected, the user will be able to see the pinned library on their homepage.

View User's Role(s) In Contact Card


When a contact card is displayed, the user's current public role(s) will be displayed. 

Approved With Comments Events

We have renamed the status "Approved (subject to refinements)" to "Approved With Comments" to make the action easier to understand. 

In the workflow designer, it is now possible to create Email, SOAP or REST events when a user provides an Approved With Comments verdict. 

Improved Email Formatting


Email notifications have been updated to provide a more consistent look and feel. We will continue to enhance email notifications over the next few months so that they provide as much useful information as possible. 

Improved Revised Asset Upload Screen


We've updated the Revised Asset upload screen so that the upload revision button is pre-selected. Additionally, the option the add extra assets will only be shown if the activity rules allow more multiple assets to be uploaded against the work item and the maximum number of allowed assets has not been reached. 



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