20171205.1 - Release Note - 8th December 2017

What's new in this Release?

  • Information Ribbon

Information Ribbon Overview

In our December release, we've simplified the process of finding important information and assets while completing tasks. 


While in most tasks, click to expand the brand new Information Ribbon

The ribbon slides over the task completion screen; allowing you to simultaneously complete your task while viewing reference data, without navigating away to the workflow summary. 

View the product hierarchy, related artwork components and historic assets...  


If your organisation making is using our new Product Hub feature released in November; you will be able to view a full bill of materials (BOM) view.


The Product ribbon view gives the ability to see related activity and artwork for multipacks, multiple artwork component products and related SRP packaging. Additionally, over the product lifecycle many variations to the product's artwork will be created. All historic assets will be readily available too, and all without the need to navigate away from your current task!


The fields tab allows you view designated fields from the activity without leaving the task and navigating to the activity summary.


The ribbon can also be expanded, or even 'popped out' allowing you to have two or more screens open in your browser. 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where the current date was displayed in the Product File assets view when the asset actually has no expiry date.
  • Fixed issue which caused paused activity to resume if an additional approval step are added.
  • Resolved an issue causing an error to be thrown when a user attempts to reset their homepage dashboard, while not in their home organisation.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from updating forms when the form's information/description field is populated.

User Experience Changes

  • Fixed layout problems on administration screens in Microsoft Edge.
  • Removed unused homepage widgets.


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