R20180319.1 - Release Note - 19th March 2018

Please find details below of our latest release to Sunrise Production, live as of 10:00am GMT on 19th March 2018.

This release is primarily bugs fixes and general performance enhancements. These are detailed below: 

  • When a verdict of 'Approved With Comments' is selected, an amber tick will be shown in the Online Approval Tool history tab, rather than a green one.
  • Fixed issue which prevented responsible assignees from updating their own forms retrospectively. 
  • Updated the absence manager, to take into account current absences when transferring tasks.
  • Resolved display issue where the default "mountain icon" is displayed intermittently instead of the asset preview.
  • Resolved issues where placing a section control inside another section, would cause the value of some fields to be lost.
  • Resolved data cascade issue causing some values to be intermittently blanked in child workflow if the parent workflow is updated retrospectively.
  • Fixed display issue where annotations entered by consulted approvers are not shown on the annotation tab in the asset summary screen.  
  • Resolved display issue stopping thumbnails from being displayed in the sidebar.
  • Fixed issues preventing annotations entered by consulted assignees from being displayed in the approval history.
  • Resolved issue where certain values were being parsed as dates. 
  • Fixed issue which caused updated decision tree values to not be reflected in custom forms
  • Fixed asset classification issue when new organisation is created.
  • Fixed issue where a user has to scroll to the last entry in a multi-form to remove validation errors when editing retrospectively. 
  • Removed unnecessary white spaces in column names in asset library search.
  • Updated security model to allow task assignees with 'workflow user' privileges to retrospectively update their own tasks. Previously, this was restricted to activity schedulers and above. 
  • Fixed issue in brief forms which prevented the "select all" checkbox from working correctly.
  • Resolved problem where in progress asset approvals were not aborted if their associated activity workflow was cancelled and/or deleted. 
  • Resolved display issue where an inherited category value is not shown, or the display value is trimmed in the 'Fields' tab, in the activity summary.
  • Fixed issue where asset where not successfully attached to the workflow when the asset picker control was placed inside nested sections.
  • Updated the sequence numbers page to allow for a sequence number to be reset at the start of the calendar year. 
  • Resolve intermittent issue where internal server error is displayed when trying to edit a Product File.
  • Fixed issue where edited a role containing users from other organisations resulted in those users being removed from the role. 
  • Updated the WebAPI so data entered with formats such as '01.12' are not erroneously converted to date/time values.
  • Fixed display issue when showing selected assets using the asset picker on a form in read-only mode.
  • Updated the default option when setting up a consulted approval to 'Notify Just Me'.
  • Fixed display issue which stopped consulted approvals completion dates from being shown in the assignments tab in the activity summary.
  • Resolved intermittent data loss problem when using the tabular view.
  • Updated system email notifications to work correctly in Foxmail for users based in China. 
  • Fixed issue which prevented approvals from correctly aborting when a uncompleted consulted approval was present in the step. 
  • Fixed issue which intermittently resulted in the wrong category selection being displayed when editing a multiform retrospectively.
  • Corrected spelling mistake in 'Account Locked' email. 
  • Fixed issue which prevented users with Read Only rights from seeing approved assets in an asset library.  
  • Removed redirect for cross-domain users trying to access BI reports.



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