LG2-35: Reviewing Assets in the Online Approval Tool (OAT)

The Online Approval Tool allows you to review any PDF or JPEG asset directly on screen. Use the tools available to review and annotate the document before providing a verdict. For revised assets, learn how to review the current and previous versions of the asset side-by-side for easier comparison. 

  1. Navigate to the task list . Approvals can be identified with the approval icon on the left side of the task 
  2. Click the link in the Task column (the task name) to open it

The Online Approval Tool is opened and the asset is displayed. A form may display showing Asset information however this is specific to your business requirements. The form can be closed and reopened if necessary.

Note: The Asset will join a Queue to be rendered, for display on screen so you may experience a short wait time before the asset appears.

  1. Click the Close button to remove the form from the display. To reopen the form at a later time, click the Info button located at the top of the window. 


The Page Toolbar

The toolbar located at the top of the page provide 3 essential commands.

Button Description

The Summary button will navigate to the Activity Summary for this asset.

Click the Summary button drop down arrow to view more functions.

Compare will be available on revised asset approvals allowing you to access comparison mode with options to show the current asset side by side with one of the previous versions.

Consult Contacts allows you to include additional Sunrise contacts to review the asset but they are not required to provide a verdict.

The Complete Approval button should be clicked to end your review and provide a verdict (Not Approved / Approved).
The Summary button will open the Activity/Workflow details giving you visibility of the full workflow status including all assignments and all tasks. Note: Your access to view this information may be limited if you are not a user of an external organisation and not the one you are completing the task for.

The OAT (Online Approval Tool) Toolbar

The OAT toolbar contains tool for working with the document / asset such as changing the view (Pages / Separations / Zooming), adding annotations (square / circle / freehand) and some other useful functions.

Below is a summary of each tool with a more detailed description of some key functions explained later in this guide.



Expand the Information panel to show a summary of annotations and verdict approvals from other users.

Click this drop down list to view colour separations.

Rotate the page 90° clockwise. Click again to continue rotating.

Zoom: Select this tool and click and drag an area of the document to zoom in.

Fit to Window: Click this button to view the full document in the window.

Toggle Fullscreen: Click here to maximise the window. Click again to restore the window to its original size.

Select the Pan tool and then click and drag around the document to pan. Panning only applies to documents with a zoom level applied that does not allows you to see the full document.

Toggle Annotations: Turn all annotations off/on.

Add a Sticky Note.

Add a Circle with comments

Add a Rectangle with comments.

Add a Freehand drawing with comments

Add an Arrow with comments

Measure: Select this tool and then click at the start and end of an area within the artwork to view measurements.

Edit User Preferences such as Units, annotation colour, drawing colour and spell check.

Densitometer: Select this tool and click on a colour within the document to view the amount of colour separations at that point.

Print a copy of the document



Use the Densitometer tool to sample colours within the asset.

  1. Click the toolbar button to activate the Densitometer tool 
  2. Then click an area of the asset to view the separated colours in the Densitometer panel


Download the Asset

From within the Online Approval Tool, you can download a printable PDF with options to include the annotations.

  1. From the OAT Toolbar, click the Print button 
  2. In the dialog box displayed, select the options as required and click Confirm
Option Description
Artwork Include the asset in the downloaded PDF
Annotations Include the annotations on the asset
Summary Sheet Add the annotations as a separated sheet
Annotation Number Size Select the size for the annotation number that appears on the asset
Annotations Line Size Select the line thickness for the annotation on the asset



Annotations / Approvals Panel

The Annotations panel lists annotations/comments added by all users during the approval workflow. The Approvals panel shows any verdicts supplier by other users on this approval session.

You must click the Information button to show these panels.

Click an entry in the Annotations panel to show the annotation on the artwork if it is not already visible.


The Approval panel lists all previous verdicts supplied by other approvers.


Comparing the Asset with an earlier revision

Any asset that has been uploaded as a revision of a previous asset can be viewed side by side with any previous revision.

First, click the Summary button drop down list and select Compare

Then select the version to compare the current revision with and click the Compare button


You will then see the earlier version selected in the dialog box above.


Tab Mode

In Tab mode (default mode), only one asset is displayed at one time, not both. By default, the compared asset (earlier version) is displayed. To display the revised (updated) asset, click the c2 button.

to show the difference between the assets click the difference button . Green areas show the location of the differences between the assets.

and to toggle between the 2, switching each second, click the toggle button 


Compare Mode

Click the Compare mode button to access Compare mode. 

In Compare Mode, there are 3 panels displayed.

  • The left panel shows the previous asset version
  • The middle panel shows the current/revised asset version
  • The right panel shows the differences between the two asset versions (Difference mode is the default view for the right panel but this can be changed to show Toggle mode)


In Difference view, any differences/conflicts are highlighted green. For this function to be useful, the asset would need to be saved with all positioning matching the previous asset.

Tip: Try zooming in on any differences in the second panel to increase visibility of differences in the third panel.

The image below shows the approval tool in Difference Mode


Toggle view will display both the previous asset version and the current asset version. Both of these will be displayed in the third pane, switching between previous and current in 1 second intervals.

 ...and then every second, switches to...



See more: Using the Consult Contacts Feature

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