LG4-47: Share an Asset Externally

The Share Asset feature allows you to send a copy of the asset to an email recipient. The recipient does not need a login to Sunrise to be able to view the asset. A one-time code is sent from the system via email to the recipient along with a link to download a copy of the asset.

  1. Open the asset to be shared
  2. Click the multi-function menu, and select 'Share'

  1. Enter the recipients email address. To add additional email recipients separate each email address with a comma. For example: joe.bloggs@example.com, a.n.other@example.com.
  2. The link to download the asset will expire in 10 days by default. Increase or decrease this value if required by adjusting the Days until expiry value
  3. Enter a personal message for the recipient(s)
  4. Enter your password to digitally sign the action
  5. Finally, click Share Asset

The recipient must follow the instructions on the email received to download a copy of the asset.

Share History (Audit)

An audit is maintained automatically, showing who shared the asset, when they shared it, to whom it was shared and if the download link has expired.

  1. Open the asset
  2. Click the multi-function menu, and select Share
  3. The Share Asset dialog box is displayed. Click the Previously Shared tab


Icon Description
The asset has been shared but not yet downloaded
The asset has been downloaded
Image result for red cross The asset download link has expired



See: LG4-73: Open a shared Asset

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