Organisation Administrators - Start Here! A quick set up guide to get you up and running.

Welcome to Sunrise!

This guide will provide you with the information needed to set up your site and invite your users.

Additional walkthroughs can be found in the videos throughout the Help Centre.

Step 1: Create Roles

Roles are provided in Sunrise to allow you to group your users by the function they perform. Tasks and Approvals can be assigned to a role and well as a person.

When a task or approval is assigned to a role any user which has been allocated the role will be able to view, complete or transfer the task.

Roles are also linked to security rights. Users with an assigned role have the ability to perform certain system actions based on the rights the role has been allocated.

When you add a new organisation is Sunrise, 3 roles are automatically created.

<Your Organisation Name> Administrators – This provides full access to administer your organisation’s site.  This includes: Inviting other users, creating other roles, creating asset libraries and connecting to other organisations. The ‘primary user’ for the organisation, i.e. the person that initially registered the organisation for Sunrise will automatically be granted this role.

<Your Organisation Name> Site Security Administrators – This allows you to grant roles to other users of the organisation’s site.

<Your Organisation Name> Users – This is the generic role which all users of the site are automatically granted.

The primary user has the ability to create additional roles to describe different teams or functions. To create a new role

1. Select Admin > Users & Role

2. Select Create Role

3. Complete the following fields:

  • Display Name – This is the name of the role as it will appear on screen. For example Account Managers, Food Specification Managers, Artworkers.
  • Short Name – The field is completed automatically
  • Description – This is used to describe what the role is to be used for. For example “The role will be used for the assignment of Pack Copy review request to the Legal team”
  • Security Level – This sets the permissions that users with this role can perform. The options are:
    • User – Standard User right
    • Workflow Manager – Can administer workflows for the organisations site.
    • Security Administrator - Can administer users, roles and connections within an organisations site
    • Account Administrator – Full access to and control over everything within an organisations site. 

      Where a user has multiple roles, the role with the highest level of access will be applied to the user’s profile.

4. Public Role - There are two options:

        • Private Role – No tasks can be submitted to the role from another connected organisation
        • Public Role – The role will be visible to connected organisations and they will be able to assign the role tasks and approvals.

5. Click Save


Step 2: Invite Users


  1. From the Homepage Dashboard, select Invite Team
  2. Enter the user's First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  3. Select Invite User
  4. Select Edit Roles
  5. Select the roles you want to apply to the user by clicking the Pin Icon 

Your invited user will receive any email containing the remaining instructions to complete their registration and obtain their password.  

Step 3: Create Asset Libraries

To create a new Asset Library follow the below steps:

  1. Click Admin
  2. Select Create Library
  3. Compete the Display Name field. This is the name of the Asset Library.
  4. Complete the Description  field. Note the LibraryID is populated automatically.
  5. Select who is allowed to see the library. From the Add Role menu for each role in your organisation's site. Click the "+" symbol and then select one of the following:

Read Only (Approved) - User with this role can see the asset library, but only have read-only access to assets with an approved status. 

Read Only (All) - User with this role can see the asset library, and have read only access to all assets. 

Contribute - Users can see the library, and can edit, upload and replace assets contained in it.



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