LG3-10: Sending a Simple Task

Sending a simple task

SUNrise allows you to send simple tasks to users, role groups or other connected organisations in addition to digital asset approvals. 

1. Select the Activities icon from the navigation bar.

2. Select New Task. This will display the Send Simple Activity window.


3. Type a name for your task in the Task Name field. This is the name that will appear in the assignee’s Task screen.

4. Select the Calendar required for the task.

N.B This option sets the working times, when the task can be completed. If the task is sent outside of the working time, which has been set in this field, the task will not start until the next working interval. To send a task immediately at any time, select 24/7.

5. Select the date the task is to be completed in the Due By field. All tasks have a 1 hour duration unless altered from the Advanced tab 

6.  To add instructions for the task assignee enter these into the Notes/Comments These will be displayed when the task is accessed via the recipient.

7. Select who will carry out the task. This can be either an individual (either in your own, or a connected organisation which are sharing their contacts). To select an individual, pick a Contact, you can add more than one by clicking add assignee. Alternatively, you may select a team or group of users by selecting an option in the Role menu.

8. To track your task via search, additional keywords can be entered into the Tags To add additional tags press ‘Enter’ after each term entered.

9. Click Send.


Adding Advanced Setting

From the advanced tab you can

  1. Choose to start the task immediately.
  2. Schedule the duration of the task rather than set a deadline date
  3. Assign units to measure effort
  4. Assign a priority
  5. Set/change the relevant time zone

Adding Relevant Files to the Task

From the attachments tab you can add files relevant to the task e.g. reference files.  To upload a file select choose files


Adding Cost to a Task

From the commercial tab you can add a cost value to the task

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