Q7-2: When registering, I have received an email informing me that my organisation may already be registered for SUNrise. What should I do?

When you register for SUNrise, we check to see if your company name is already held in our records.

To avoid duplication, if we find an organisation with a similar name to the one you entered we’ll ask you to confirm that you’re not already registered.

I’m sure my organisation is not already registered

If you are sure that your organisation is not already registered, or if you would like to create an additional SUNrise site for your organisation, you should click the link in the email to continue.

I’m not sure if my organisation is already registered

If you are not sure if your organisation is already registered, please contact our support team.

Our support agents will be able to look up any existing organisation we hold on record. Although they will not be able to confirm any details to you directly, they will be able to contact the existing organisation administrator on your behalf, to ask them to invite you to become a SUNrise user.

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