LG7-14: Understanding and working with Organisation Connections

Domain (Organisation) Connections are required in order to assign external Users or User Roles to tasks within your Domain. Once a Connection request has been accepted from an external Domain, permanent access has been granted and no further connection requests are required for additional assignments of work.



As illustrated above, Domain Connections are one-way connections. Domain A makes the request to Domain B in order to send work to Domain B. If Domain B needed to send work back to Domain A, a connection request would be required from Domain A back to Domain B.

Manage Incoming Connection Requests

Connections between Domains (Organisations) must be established in order to send or receive work (tasks) between the Domains.

A one-time connection request must be sent to you by an external organisation which must be accepted by a Domain Administrator within your Domain. 

When accepting the relationship / connection request, as a Domain Administrator you must decide which level of access to grant:

  • Grant access for the external Domain to view and assign work to Roles and also individual Users
  • Grant access for the external Domain to view and assign work to Roles only. They would not be able to view Individual Users

Note: Remember, connections are one-way connections - accepting a connection request grants them access to assign tasks to your users or user roles, it does not grant your Domain access to send work to their users or user roles. For a 2 way connection, both Domains must send connection requests to each other.

Accept or Reject an Incoming Connection Request

Follow the steps below to review an incoming connection request:

  1. From the Admin menu and top right of the window, click General -> Connections

  1. The Connection Manager screen is displayed. Click the Incoming tab
  2. Any connection requests will be displayed. Click the Review button on the right side of the connection request 

  1. Choose to allow the connection or reject the connection.
  2. If allowing the connection, select the level of access to grant
  3. Enter comments (required field)
  4. To confirm your identity, enter your password
  5. Finally, click the Review Connection Request button

 View Paired (Existing) Connections

The Paired Connections tab shows Domains that you are currently connected to. The Domain on the left has access / can view users/roles within the Domain on the right.

In the image below,

  • Row 1: the 'Training Site' Domain can view 'SBS' Roles/Users


  • Row 2: the 'SBS' Domain can view 'Training Site' Roles/Users



Viewing Rejected Connections

The Rejected Connection(s) tab shows connection requests that you have denied.

Further Information:

Send a Connection Request to an External Domain

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