LG7-15: What is an Organisation? (Domain)

Organisations are also referred to as Domains in SUNrise. A Domain is a site containing users, assets and activity related to one organisation.

Domains are not limited by organisation, as large organisations may choose to have more than one Domain to separate their departments of work.

Each user in SUNrise is administered by a single host Domain - this is their 'host' Domain. If access is required to an external Domain, a Domain connection must be established and then they can be added to a User role by an administrator within the connected Domain.

Each Sunrise Domain has it's own URL suffix as shown in the image below.


 Public & Private Information

Information in the Domain (Assets / User Roles / Activity) can be created as Private or Public.

  • Private Information is only visible to users administered by the Domain.
  • Public Information is visible to external Domains where a connection request has been accepted by a Domain Administrator within your Domain.



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