LG7-17: Public Or Private?

In Sunrise, the following elements can be given a visibility level of either Public or Private:

  • Roles
  • Activity (Workflow) Templates
  • Asset Folders

Role Visibility

When a Role is created, the visibility (Public Role field) can be set to Public Role or Private Role.

  • Public Role: Select this visibility to allow external domains to assign work/tasks to the Role located in your Domain.
  • Private Role: Select this visibility for Roles that need to be hidden from external Domains.

See here for further information on how external domains are granted visibility.


Asset Libraries

If necessary, you can grant access to an external role group (public role belonging to another Domain). This can be done on a library by library basis. See Asset Library Security for further information.

Public Users?

There is no visibility level when creating a user - this is decided by the role they belong to.

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