LG4-8: Assets and Asset Libraries

An Asset is a file of value to an organisation such as an image or document. Sunrise allows any file type to be uploaded. 

Where are Assets stored?

Assets are stored in one of the following Sunrise elements:

  • Asset Libraries - a collection of Assets accessible using the Navigation bar -> Assets
  • Activities - An Activity is a collection of related tasks with a beginning and an end. As part of an Activity, an Asset may be required to progress with the activity workflow. The user uploading the Asset as part of an Activity decides to upload the asset to the activity or to an existing Asset Library. If the Asset is uploaded to the Activity, it will not be visible by navigating to the Asset Libraries, but by navigating to the Activity or by using the search tools available.

If the asset is to be uploaded to an Activity, the Activity template administrator must specify the permissible file extensions within the relevant upload task in the Activity template.

Asset Libraries

Click the Assets button  from the Navigation Bar to view all Asset libraries to which you have been granted access by a Domain Administrator.

If you have been granted access to view an asset library hosted by another Domain, you will see these in collapsible segments labelled with the Domain Name to which the asset library belongs.

Click the arrow to expand the segment and view the asset libraries belonging to the external Domain.


Click an Asset Library to open it and view it's assets.


Asset Library Overview


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