LG2-7: What is an Activity?

An Activity is a collection of related Tasks, linked together to form a business process or 'workflow'. Activities are started by end users by choosing from the list of Activity Templates available for their Domain.

Who can create an Activity from a Template?

Only users with 'Domain Admin', 'Activity Manager' or 'Work Scheduler' security level can create and edit Activity Templates.

Who can create and edit Activity Templates?

Only users with 'Domain Admin' or 'Activity Manager' security level can create and edit Activity Templates.


Tasks are linked together to create a complete business process. Activities can become more complex if required by adding a 'Branch' from one Activity to another.  A branch can be created within the same domain or across domains


If there is more than one Task within the Activity then the Activity template designer can set a predecessor for the Task(s).


Tasks can be assigned to a User or to a Role. If assigned to a Role, each user with that Role will see the request to complete the Task in their task list and can choose to take the task. If the task is taken, it will disappear from all other users task list.


Each Task is given a duration, priority and cost if required.

Task Types

Activities can consist of the following Task Types:

Work Item Description
Basic Task An ability to complete a task which just requires ticking off
Milestone These tasks are completed automatically once reached and can trigger notifications to relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders do not need to be users to receive a notification.
Approval An Asset is sent on an Approval to be reviewed by at least one user or multiple groups of users and will progress the activity on an 'approved' verdict. If not approved, a Fail Condition can be set to loop back to a specific point in the activity until an 'approved' verdict is reached.
Form Data Input  The assignee of this work item must complete a Form to progress the activity.
Asset Upload  An Asset (file) must be uploaded to progress the activity. A new Asset can be uploaded or the assignee can select an Asset from an existing Asset Library.
Link Activity This is a launchpad for another activity from the current Domain or a public activity from one of your connected Domains

A stage is a group of Work Items. Stages break up your process into manageable sections and may assist in reducing complexity.

Item File

 This task can be used to link an activity or asset to a new or existing item file which can then be viewed from the item file page for future reference.

 Classify Annotations

 This task can be used after an approval to categorise annotations to allow identification of trends on why an approval was rejected / passed.

Adhoc Approval

This approval allows the task assignee to build the approval worflow by grouping approvers into 'steps', adding durations and adding further assets in any linked activity to approve in a batch if required.

Group Activity Brief Complete forms in groups - allowing you to add data to all forms simultaneously. When created, these forms appear in the Briefs tab of the Activity.

Group Commercial Form

Complete forms in groups - allowing you to add data to all forms simultaneously. When created, these forms appear in the Commercials tab of the Activity.




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