LG1-3: Absence Manager

Much like your email out-of-office auto-reply, the Absence Manager can be used to transfer work assigned to you during your absence.

Note: Any work outstanding (currently in your task list) will not be transferred automatically. These tasks must be transferred manually - see Transfer Tasks for further details.

Absences can be managed in your profile menu:

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner of the window to display your profile menu
  2. Click the Absence Manager button

The Absence Manager is displayed showing any active absences.

Adding a new absence

  1. Click the Add Absence button 
  2. In the Deputise to field, select the user to receive any work assigned to you during your absence
  3. Enter the Start and End dates of your absence (inclusive dates)
  4. Further Comments are not mandatory but may be helpful for you as a personal note if adding multiple absences.
  5. Click Save

Viewing and Editing Absences

Any current (active) absences will be listed in the Absence Manager. These can be edited or deleted as necessary.

To Delete an absence, click the drop down arrow on the Edit button

Note: Tick Show Past Absences to view previous/expired absences.


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