LG5-20: Create Users in SUNrise

To create a user you must belong to a Role that has the Domain Admin security Level.

Note: Once the user has been created, an invite is sent automatically via email. This invite contains a link which the user must click to complete the user-creation process. Until the user clicks the link in the email and accesses the system, you cannot assign work to this user.

  1. Navigate to the User Creation form by doing one of the following:
  • From the Admin menu, click Users & Roles -> Create User
  • From the Admin menu, click Users & Roles -> List Contacts and then click Invite New Contact
  1. In the form displayed, enter the user details - at a minimum enter the First Name, Last Name and email address
  2. At the bottom of the page, the section on the left shows available roles and the section on the right shows which roles have been automatically applied. Edit the roles for this user using the buttons provided. See Understanding and working with User Roles for further information.
  3. Click Invite User


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