LG3-22: Create Activity

An Activity is a SUNrise workflow, consisting of multiple tasks linked together to form a business process.

Activities must be based on an existing Activity template which determines the work to be done, duration(s) and responsible resources required. These templates are created and managed by users with the 'Activity Manager' or 'Domain Admin' security level.


  1. From the Navigation bar on the left side of the window, click Activities

  1. The 'My Activities' page is displayed
  2. Click the Create Activity button

  1. The list of available Activity Templates is displayed. Click the template drop down list and do one of the following:
  • type part of the template required to refine the list
  • or just select the template to which you require your Activity to be based on

  1. The Activity Builder is then displayed on the screen (a form with key activity details for launch)
  2. Enter an appropriate name for the Activity in the 'What do you want to call the activity?'
  3. Select any required lead contacts in the Fields section
  4. Then click Create Activity



What do you want to call the Activity?

Enter an appropriate name for this Activity instance. This name will prefix any work required, when displayed in a responsible users task list. This name will also be visible when browsing Activities

What calendar, time zone and priority should this template use?

The calendar and time zone determines how and when the work is scheduled. For example, running an Activity at 4pm where the first task is 2hours duration, selecting a 9-5 calendar would mean the first task is not due until 10am the next morning. The time zone adds further control in scheduling work. The priority adds a flag to the task, appearing on the responsible users task list as ‘Urgent’ or ‘Low Priority’


Enter the Start date (or finish date) for the Activity.

Calculate From

Choose the type for the Baseline date – working forward from a ‘Start’ date or working backward from a ‘Finish’ date

Default Currency

Select a currency symbol for any cost related Activity fields within the Activity template


Activity fields capture and store data required during the life of the Activity such as contacts or form values. The creator of the Activity template can set any number of these fields to be required at the start of the project. If this is the case, the values for these fields can be selected here, such as key contacts.


Activity is visible to all assignees

If enabled (ticked): Users outside of the domain (within a connected domain) assigned to complete a task in the activity can view all tasks within the activity.

If disabled: Users outside of the domain (within a connected domain) assigned to complete a task in the activity can only view the task(s) to which they are assigned.

Note: This feature is only applicable if the users described in the 2 scenarios above do not belong to a role in the host domain; if they belong to a role in the host domain, the security dictated by the role they belong to is preferred.

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