LG2-4: Search Activities

Once an Activity has been started, you can view and monitor it's progress and captured values. Use the Search Activities page to search for an Activity (workflow).

  1. From the Navigation bar, click Activities
  2. The Dashboard is displayed. Click Search Activities

The main search window is displayed with the 'Workflows' type selected.

The default criteria selected for the search is to show all Activities / Workflows with a 'Status' of 'Running'

  1. To perform a quick search using the default criteria, enter the workflow name and press Find.


Understanding Search and using the Wildcard

The Search engine is quite powerful and may return more results than you were expecting - however if you understand how it works, you can refine or broaden your criteria to return the desired results.

Typing multiple words will return any activities that contain any of those words, in any order. The search results should, however, list the results in order of relevance.

For example, typing 'Frozen Pizza' would located 'Frozen Chicken Pizza', Frozen Cheese Pizza' and further down the list of results, it may show activities with 'pizza' only or 'frozen' only.

Including words in speech marks " " will refine the results by performing a 'string' search. For example, typing "Frozen Pizza" would only return activities containing the words "Frozen pizza", in that order, with no words in-between.

If necessary use the wildcard symbol (*) within the search term to broaden the results. To refine the results, add search text in speech marks.

Example: Typing *Tea* would locate 'Earl Grey Tea' and also 'Teatime Chocolate Biscuits'

See here for more information

Add / Edit Criteria

This criteria can be edited as required for example to show 'Status' 'Equal to' 'Completed' to display all completed Activities.

Remove Criteria

To remove/delete a criteria row, click the red cross at the end of the row

Add Criteria

  1. To add another criteria row, click the green add button

  1. In the new row, click the first drop down list to select the field you wish to select for your criteria. 

  1. Enter the criteria as required and click the Find button to display the results

  1. Click the Activity Name to open it

  1. This will take you to the Activity Details page which displays information about the running Activity.



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