LG2-5: Viewing Activity Details

Once opened, the Activity provides useful information about the data captured, Activity metrics, work items included in the Activity, a visual representation of the Activity, resource assignments, any linked Activities and any uploaded assets to the Activity.

Key Metrics

The Key Metrics tab of the Activity shows top level information:

  • When it was started
  • When it's due to be completed
  • How many work items are included
  • Who launched (created) the Activity instance and when
  • Who is responsible for the next task/work item
  • The calendar & time zone used
  • The total duration and priority (Urgent / Normal / Low)


The Tasks tab of the Activity shows each task to be performed with the planned start and finish dates.

The Status column updates to display the current status of each work item (Running, Pending, Completed, Cancelled). Any overdue work items will appear red in colour, any Completed work items will appear in Green.



The Assignments tab shows the responsible resources required to complete tasks during the life of the Activity. The information shown includes the assignee and which Organisation they belong to, the RACI level (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted or Informed), Projected and Actual completion dates and the status of the work item (Pending, Completed, Running, Cancelled). 

If the work item is running late it will be highlighted in red, if it is due and on time it will be highlighted in blue

Linked Activities

Should the Activity contain a branch to a sub workflow, the sub-workflow is considered a child activity and the current workflow is the Parent activity to that child (or children).

The Linked Activities tab only shows the child activities once the Branch within the parent has been reached. Use the link(s) to navigate to the child activities.

Within each child activity details, the Linked activities tab will provide a link to navigate back to the Parent.

Note: It is not possible to view tasks of the child activity from within the Tasks tab of the Parent workflow. You must open the child workflow from the Linked Workflows tab and click the Work Items tab to view work to be done in each child.


Any Form values captured during the life of the Activity are stored in Workflow Fields which are visible in the Fields tab.

The Input section lists fields that are captured by the user or are inherited into the current activity.

The Output section shows fields that are used by any subsequent forms to display the value on screen or they may be passed to a linked (child) activity.



The Assets tab shows any Assets (files) uploaded to the workflow via an Asset Upload Task, or the asset may have been passed to this activity from a connected activity in an Asset Workflow Field.


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