LG2-25: Using the Contact Selector on a Form

Contact Selection controls are identified on a form by the ‘Select Contact’ placeholder visible within the field as shown below.

Click in the field to display a contact selection dialog box.

The dialog box will initially display all selectable contacts*.

*Important note: All selectable contacts will include Public contacts from other Organisations where a connection request has been accepted by the other Organisation.


Configuration Note: The form configuration will have been set by the form designer to allow a single contact to be selected or multiple contact selection. If multiple contacts are permitted, there is no need to hold down any keyboard keys; simply click on all required contacts as applicable.


Filter by Organisation

On the right side of the dialog box, click the Organisation drop down list to filter by a specific Organisation

Filter by Role

If you organise your Contacts in Roles, use the Role filter on the right side of the dialog box to show only Contacts belonging to a specific Role

Sort Contacts

Click the Sort By drop down list to choose to sort Contacts by their First Name or Surname

Contact Search

Click in the search box and type part of the users name to display instant search results.

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