LG2-26: Completing a Form (Singular view)

If you are required to complete a form, you will find the task in your task list. 

  1. From the Navigation bar, click the Tasks button or click the Tasks widget on the Homepage / Dashboard
  2. 'Form' tasks can be identified by a form icon on the left side of the task


  1. Click the link in the Task column to open the form for completion
  2. Complete any required details within the form
  3. Click the Complete button located at the top of the form

Note: Required/Mandatory Fields are identified with an asterisk (*)



Save Draft

The Save Draft button is available while completing the form. Should you be part way through completing the form and do not have time to complete, click the Save Draft button and then you can navigate away from the form. On return to the form, the previously entered data will be visible. Continue to populate and then complete the form.


Tabular View

The Tabular button is always available but only applicable when completing multiple activities in one screen. This is applicable when multiple activities share the same parent activity (multiple SKUs in the same project). (more details)


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