LG2-29: Transfer Tasks

The Transfer Tasks function gives you the ability to transfer the responsibility of completing a task or multiple tasks from yourself to another user within your Domain (Organisation) or a connected Domain.


Who's tasks can I transfer?

With the 'User' or 'Workflow User' security level you can transfer your own tasks only. To transfer tasks from other users, you must have one of the following security levels:

  • Work Scheduler
  • Activity Manager
  • Domain Admin

In addition, if your organisation has opted for the 'Require common deputy roles' global feature then it will only be possible for you to transfer tasks between people that share a common User Role


Transfer Multiple Active (running) Tasks

(for transferring single tasks this is covered later in this article)

  1. From the Navigation Bar, click Activities. This opens the Activity Dashboard.
  2. Then click the arrow next to Create Activity and click Transfer Tasks. 

Note: Depending on your permissions, you may not have visibility of the Create Activity button. In this case, the Transfer Tasks button will be available as a button on the toolbar.


  1. In the dialog box displayed, click the Transfer Tasks from drop-down list and select the user you require transferring tasks from.

Note: remember, if you belong to a user role with the 'User' or 'Workflow Users' security levels you are permitted to transfer tasks from yourself only, not from others.



  1. Now select the user to which the task needs to be reassigned and include a message to the recipient if necessary.


  1. Click the Preview button to view the tasks that are available to transfer

Help! I can't see any tasks!: If your organisation has opted for the 'Require common deputy roles' global feature then it will only be possible for you to transfer tasks between people that share a common User Role. In this case you will not see any tasks in the Preview if the users do not share a common role.

  1. Use the checkboxes to select the tasks you wish to transfer

Note: to go back and edit the criteria, click the Edit Parameters button and change the user(s) involved.

  1. Click the Transfer button


  1. This action cannot be undone - click OK on the warning displayed

An email is sent for each task transferred to the previous and new assignees. The email contains a link to complete the task.


 The new assignee will see the reassigned tasks appear in their task list.


Transferring a Single Task

1. From the Tasks page, on the task that you wish to transfer, select the down arrow on the required task next to the activity name as shown here, and then select Transfer Task


2. On the pop up that appears you can select the name of the person, or the role you wish to transfer the task to, and write a message if required. Select Transfer Task. The Task will then be on the task page of the selected user - in this case Bob Smith.

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