LG3-32: Create New Linked Activity (add more lines to a project)

Once a Project (parent activity) has been created and the lines have been added (child activities), further lines/activities can be added to this project using the +New Activity function.

  1. Navigate to and open the Parent/Project Activity. See screenshot below – if you are not in the parent activity, you can access via the Linked Activity tab of a packaging item / graphic item activity: Within the Linked Activity tab, the activity you have accessed is identified with black text. To navigate to the parent activity, click the parent activity node in the diagram and then click the Navigate To button.

  1. From within the Linked Activitytab of the Parent Activity, click the +New Activity button (note: this button will only appear when the Linked Activity tab is active)
  2. Click the Start Datebutton to display 2 options:
  • Start Immediately- Select this option to set the start date of the new activities to the current date.
  • Align to Existing Plan- Select this option to ensure the start date of the new activities aligns to / mirrors the start date of the existing activities under this parent (in this project).

  1. Complete the form for the 1st activity instance required (product / packaging item / graphic item)
  2. For each new activity instance required, click the Add More button  and complete the form as required

Note: With each click of the Add More button  a further form instance (activity) is added. Navigation buttons are introduced to allow you to switch between the instances of the new activity form data.

  1. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above to create further Instances.
  2. When you have added and completed the required amount of instances (activities), click the Complete button

Additional Activity workflows will then be added to the Parent (Project) Activity workflow according to the amount you have added. 

The new activities should appear in the Linked Activities tab of the Parent Activity and the first task of the new activities should start automatically.

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