LG2-39: Complete a Group Activity Brief

A Group Activity Brief is a form that is completed once for multiple activities. 

In image below, you will see that the 2 tasks belong to the same Parent Activity. Notice the 2 Activities are at the same stage of the process - that is, the task is the same for both activities.

The folder icon tell us that both of these tasks are Activity Briefs. 

In this guide, you will see how to complete a brief for both activities, grouping them together for production.


  1. Click the Task name for one of the Activities to open the brief form

In the open Activity Brief, there are 2 sections.

  • X Activity(ies) Ready to Brief - this section will list any Activities that belong to the same Parent Activity and at the same stage in the process (as we saw in the task list, there were 2 Tasks belonging to the same Parent Activity
  • X Activity(ies) Not At This Stage - this section will show any Activities that are either past this stage (already briefed) or have not reached this stage. To expand this section, click the expand icon . The Current Task column identifies which stage of the process these Activities are currently at.


  1. Using the Check boxes, check the Activities that require briefing

  1. Now, scroll down if necessary to complete the briefing form
  2. Once complete, click the Complete button


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