LG2-40: Completing a Form Approval Task

Any data captured during the life of an Activity can be sent on an approval cycle. Approvers cannot edit the form, but can provide a verdict of 'Approved' or 'Not Approved' along with comments.

In the image below, the task 'Approve SKU Creation' shows the approval icon . Follow the steps to view and approve a form.

  1. Click the Task name to open the task

  1. Review the data displayed in the form

Tip: If necessary, you can view the full Activity (workflow) details by clicking the Summary button

  1. Once you are ready to provide a verdict, click the Complete Approval button
  2. In the Verdict dialog box, click the drop-down list and select a Verdict
  3. Enter Comments if applicable
  4. Click the Complete button



  1. Finally, Click OK on the confirmation dialog. You are then redirected to your task list.

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