LG2-27: Completing Forms (Tabular View)

In the image shown below, there are 3 forms that require completion 'Complete Tasting Panel'. These activities share the same parent activity. In this example, there are 3 different flavours of Pizza (child activities), all belonging to the '978677 - Frozen Pizza Range' Parent Activity (much like a Project).

When multiple forms require completion, all belonging to the same parent activity, the Tabular button can be clicked - this allows you to add the same data in multiple forms simultaneously. The Tabular button will be visible when you open one of the forms by clicking the link in the Task column.

  1. Click the link in the Task column to open one of the forms linked to the Parent Activity. In the image above, the task is 'Complete Tasting Panel'
  2. The form opens in Singular view. Click the Tabular button to view forms in Tabular view


Note: Your web browser may identify that there are editable fields on the singular form that you are trying to leave. Click 'Leave this page' on the warning dialog

The Forms then open in Tabular view


Field Description
Select Identifies which rows (activities) are selected - applicable when using the Mass Edit button apply changes to multiple activities simultaneously.
Workflow Name This is the link to view each form in Singular view if required. 
Completed Shows if all mandatory (*) fields have been completed for the specific forms. 'No' identifies that there is at least one field that is mandatory and has not been completed. 'Yes' identifies that all mandatory fields have been completed, and the Complete All button could now be clicked. 


Using Mass Edit

The Mass Edit button allows you to apply the same value/change to multiple forms simultaneously (each row in tabular view represents a form).

The Mass Edit button is only available in Tabular view.

  1. Click the rows in tabular view to which you would like to apply the mass change. Use the keyboard Ctrl / Shift keys to select multiple rows. Or use the Select All button to select all rows.
  2. Then click the Mass Edit button


  1. The Edit Fields dialog box is displayed. Select the fields that require editing, adding each field one-by-one. (note: to remove a field, click the 'x')

  1. Once all required fields have been added, select values for these fields and then click the Update button

  1. Click OK on the 'Data Saved' confirmation
  2. Observe the values are now visible in Tabular view
  3. Click the Complete All button at the top of the window to mark all form tasks as Completed

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