Learning Pack - Level 1 - Workflow Users

This Learning Pack is a collation of Learning Guides to assist with actions performed by SUNrise users that have the Workflow User security level


LG1-1 - Accessing Sunrise (view)

LG1-2 - Changing Your Password (view)

LG1-3 - Absence Manager (view)

LG1-30 - Quick Search (view)

LG1-31 - Global Search (view)

LG2-4 - Search Activities (view)

LG2-5 - Viewing Activity Details (view)

LG3-57: Understanding and Viewing Linked Activity (view)

LG2-6 - Managing Your Task List (view)

LG2-7 - What is an Activity? (view)

LG4-8 - What is an Asset? (view)

LG2-9 - Completing Work - Basic Tasks (view)

LG2-37 - Upload an Asset to an Activity (Workflow) (view)

LG2-38 - Upload a Revised Asset to an Activity (Workflow) (view)

LG2-39 - Complete a Group Activity Brief (view)

LG2-40 - Completing a Form Approval (view)

LG2-35 - Reviewing Assets in the Online Approval (view)

LG2-25 - Using the Contact Selector on a Form (view)

LG2-26 - Completing a Form (Singular view) (view)

LG2-27 - Completing Forms (Tabular View) (view)

LG2-28 - Viewing Activity Notes (view)

LG2-29 - Transfer Tasks (view)

LG3-10 - Sending a Simple Task (view)

LG4-24 - What is the Basket and how do I use it? (view)

LG8-58 - Dashboard Widgets: Approvals (view)

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