LG2-37 - Upload an Asset to an Activity (Workflow)

Assets can be uploaded from your computer/network or an existing asset within a Sunrise Library can be linked to your activity or multiple Activities.

Upload Asset tasks can be identified in your Task list by the upload icon 

  1. Click the Task name to open the task

  1. Select the upload option required:


Upload Option Description
Upload a new asset Select this option to upload an Asset to your Activity that does not already exist in a library. The Activity template design will dictate if this asset is also added to a specific Asset Library.
Link an existing asset from a library to this activity (see further instructions below) Select this option to link to an existing Asset such as a Cutter/Die Line that may be applicable to multiple SKUs.
  1. Click the Choose Assets button to navigate to and select the file required for upload

Tip: You can also drag and drop files into this area.



  1. Set an Expiry date if necessary
  2. The Asset Classification may be editable or it may be decided for you by the Activity Template design.



  1. In the 'Perform the same actions on the below listed tasks:' section, the default checked box identifies the Activity linked to the task you clicked from your task list. If this asset applies to other Activities in this Project, check the applicable activities also. For example, a cutter / die-line may apply to multiple SKUs (Activities)

Upload a new revision of the asset

Select this option when you are uploading revised asset. After selecting the option, you will see any assets already uploaded to the Activity.

  1. For the asset that you are revising, click the Upload Revision button  (or keep the same asset  if no change required)
  2. Click the Choose Assets button that has now appeared. Locate and select the file for upload

  1. The Revision number will increase by +1. Finally, click the Complete button

Link an existing asset from a library to this activity

Select this option when you are referencing an asset that you know exists in a SUNrise Asset Library.

  1. After selecting the option, click the Choose Assets button
  2. The Search Asset dialog box is displayed. Select the Asset Library to refine the second list. Then select the required Asset from the Select Asset list
  3. Next, click Link to Asset
  4. Enter an Expiry Date if required
  5. If necessary, you can link this asset to other Activities that are at the same stage in the process by checking the boxes in the Perform the same actions on the below listed tasks section underneath
  6. Finally, click the Complete button to complete the task.

Tip: when each of these drop-down lists have been clicked you can perform a quick search by typing part of or all of the item you are looking for



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