LG2-38 - Upload a Revised Asset to an Activity (Workflow)

You may be required to upload a revised asset to an Activity/Workflow.

Asset revision tasks can be identified by a number suffix on the task name.

For example, the Initial upload may have been named 'Upload Artwork'. In this case, the task to upload the revised asset would be 'Upload Artwork - 2nd'. The following revision task would be 'Upload Artwork - 3rd' and so on.

The example below shows the Asset is being uploaded for the 3rd time.

  1. Navigate to the task list and click the link in the Task column to open the task
  2. There are 4 options (radio buttons) at the top of the task. When uploading a revised asset, the 3rd option must be selected. 'Upload a new revision to an asset already associated with this activity'.

Important Note: When you select the option described above, you will be shown ALL assets uploaded to the workflow including any reference files. You will also see an 'Upload Revision' button against ALL assets. It's important that you only click the 'Upload Revision' button for the Asset you wish to revise. All other Assets that you DO NOT wish to revise - select 'Use Same Asset' for those ones.

  1. Click the Upload Revision button associated to the asset you wish to revise 
  2. Click the Choose Assets button, Locate and select the revised asset

  1. Finally, click the Complete button located at the top of the window


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