LG3-57: Understanding and Viewing Linked Activity

SUNrise Activities can be linked together to identify different elements or sections of a business process.

Often, products or elements that make up a piece of packaging will be grouped together into a Project in order to keep track of the group of elements.

Parent (Project) Activity

The Parent Activity is an Activity template that includes all tasks to be completed that apply to all packaging elements – this is referred to as the Parent Activity or often referred to as the Project.

Child (Project Item) Activity

The Child Activity is an Activity Template that includes all tasks to be completed in a business process that applies to a specific element – such as a Packaging element.


Multiple Child Activities (Packaging Elements) can be linked to One Parent Activity (Project).

Parent and Child Activity Templates are linked together at the template level by the SUNrise template designer.


Viewing all Linked Activity

The diagram above can be viewed from within the Project (Parent) or the Packaging Element (Child).

  1. Open the Activity and click the Linked Activity tab

The Activity you have opened (the current Active Activity) is identified by black formatted text on the title of the activity node within the diagram.

To view other Linked Activity details, simply click the Activity node in the diagram and the details will be loaded in a details pane on the right side of the window.

Navigate to a Linked Activity

The Linked Activity tab of the current Activity allows you to open a linked activity. For example, you may have opened the Project (Parent) and you would now like to open one of the packaging elements (children) of that Project.

  1. Within the Linked Activity tab, click an activity node of the diagram that you would like to navigate to
  2. Then click the Navigate to button within the Activity Details pane


Add Activity Notes

  1. From the Linked Activity tab, select an Activity node within the diagram and click the notes icon.
  2. Enter the note and click Add Note
  3. To view entered notes, click the note icon

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