LG8-58: Dashboard Widgets: Approvals

The Homepage of SUNrise provides a personalised Dashboard view of dynamic content providing real-time reporting on key area such as Asset Approvals and Team Activity. 

The Approvals Widget displays a pie chart showing the status of active approvals allowing you to get an overall picture of current asset approval progress.

Point to a section of the chart to view a tooltip with the quantity of approvals represented by that chart segment.

Viewing Approval Details

To view further information on active approvals, click the Details link at the top of the widget.


The default maximum amount of approvals per page is 10. If necessary, increase the maximum using the drop down list at the top right. Or navigate between the pages at the bottom right (example shows only 1 page)


Sorting Approval Details

Each column that contains text or dates can be sorted Ascending or Descending. Click the sort button at the top of the column to sort Ascending. Click the same button again to reverse the sort order.


Filtering Approval Details

To refine the list of active approvals, use the Search filter at the top right of the approval details window - enter part of the Activity name or Task name to quickly refine the list of results.


Send a Reminder

Send a reminder to an Assignee who may be overdue on providing an approval verdict by clicking the Send Reminder button.

Sample of email received by Assignee:

Export / Download Approval Details

To download the data displayed by the Approval Details page in a manageable format, click one of the download options located at the top left of the report - XLS / CSV / XML.

To download a simpler Late / On time report, use the download options directly from the Dashboard / Homepage




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