R20161125.1 Release Note - 25th November 2016

What’s New? 

  • Improved Category Performance & Reordering
  • Allow Approval Task to be Completed via the Web
  • SUNrise UI Improvements – Navigation, Feedback Messages, Tabs and Button Placement
  • Allow Users To Add Additional Assets Following A Loop Back
  • Correctly Handle Asset Revisions Following A Loop Back
  • Allow Task Ordinal and Group Brief ID to be shared using RESTful messages
  • OneDrive Integration in Custom Forms & Briefs
  • Additional Event Actions – Approved and Not Approved

Improved Category Performance & Ordering

We have introduced a number of performance improvement to improve load speed of the categorisation pages, added new functionality to allow categories to be reordered by dragging a dropping within the same node. Category Administration option has been relocated under the “Glossaries” in the main admin menu. 

Allow Approval Tasks to be Completed By The WebAPI

The SUNrise WebAPI has been updated to allow ‘Approval’ and ‘Ticky Task’ work items to be completed by 3rd Party applications. 

SUNrise UI Changes


The following changes have been made to the SUNrise UI: 

  • Navigation Bar Icons updated to make them easier to read
  • Admin Sub-Menu moved to the left hand side of the screen
  • Help options consolidated
  • Tabs have been redesigned
  • Control buttons have been moved to the top right corner for consistency
  • Primary function buttons have been coloured blue
  • Secondary functions have been placed in a sub-menu
  • Feedback and Toast messages have been improved 

Allow Additional Assets to Be Uploaded Following A Loop Back

Following a loop back condition, the asset upload work item has been modified so that the assignee is only requested to upload revision assets which were included in the originally approval. Additionally, when completing the upload work item the user may also optionally upload additional asset.  


Task Ordinal & Group Brief ID Properties Available in RESTful Messages

It is now possible to specify Workflow ID and Group Brief ID as properties when creating a RESTful message using the following syntax: 

  • ~<ORDINAL>_BRIEF_GROUP_ID – Outputs the Brief Group ID for another task in the workflow
  • ~BRIEF_GROUP_ID – Outputs the Brief Group ID for the current work item
  • ~TASK_ORDINAL – Outputs the task ordinal for the current work item.
  • ~<ORDINAL>_TASK_ORDINAL – Outputs the ordinal for another task in the workflow 

OneDrive Integration

SUNrise allows a user to link to an external document stored in a corporate OneDrive account via a Custom Form or Brief Form allowing for collaborative completion of Office 365 documents.




Additional Event Actions – Approved & Not Approved

It is now possible to trigger an work item event action when an approval verdict of Approved or Not Approved is provided.

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