20161209.1 Release Note - 9th December 2016

What's New?
  • Quick modification of current & future tasks
  • Resolved issue where Current Plan dates are rebaselined following task completion.


Quick Modification Of Activity Workflow Tasks
Work Schedulers, Manager and Organisation Administrators now have the ability to make quick changes to tasks from the Activity Summary screen.
While in the “Tasks” tab, a new edit icon is displayed next to any task which is editable.

Fig 1: New Task Edit Button (highlighted in red above).

Fig 2: Task Edit Screen

Once selected, for future tasks, users are able to complete the following actions:

Task Type Actions
  • Reassign the current responsible assignee
  • Add or remove additional assignees.
  • Add additional Steps
  • Add additional approvers
  • Remove approvers in steps which have not started
  • Remove steps that have not started
  • Amend the task duration
 Form Input / Basic Tasks / Asset Uploads & Briefs 
  • Reassign the current responsible assignee
  • Add or remove additional assignees.
  • Change the task duration
  • Change the task name
  •  Rename the stage
  •  Rename the milestone
  •  Change the milestone duration

Additionally, for running tasks, users are now able to change the tasks responsible assignee and add/remove extra responsible, accountable, consulted or informed assignees as required.

Current Plan Rebaselining 

We have fixed an issue where the Current Plan was being automatically re-baselined upon completion of a task. The Current Plan can now only be intentionally altered by a user. This is done by pausing and resuming the workflow from the Activity Summary screen.  



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